Doppler Shift Week

It always happens.  The closer you get to a holiday, the tighter and tighter things start to stack up.  It’s like some kind of pre-holiday Doppler effect. The quick bullet list goes something like this: Thursday night a week ago Dad breaks his hip, is in the hospital, then a nursing facility, then back to the hospital where he spends all night in the ER because there are no beds; Listened to a USAC continuing education workshop on 2014 rule changes on my cellphone while sitting in the ER wai Continue reading “Doppler Shift Week”

Winter Again

Last weekend’s Giro Rides were kind of difficult.  The weather was generally cloudy, damp, cold and windy, and the resulting sub-par turnout didn’t make things any easier.  For me, the first 45 minutes or so were OK, but I struggled through the rest of the rides as the muscles in my neck and upper back got tighter and tighter.  It was really pretty frustrating, since my legs felt generally fine.  The rides themselves weren’t particularly fast.  Saturday morning, while we were sitting at Sta Continue reading “Winter Again”

What’s Comin’

It has been a difficult weather week for riding, even down here in the southern delta where it’s been unseasonably warm and rain-free.  Why would that be a problem, you ask?  Well the problem has to do with south winds and the Mississippi River, the former being warm and humid and the latter being ice water from the frozen north.  Every morning this week I’ve ridden out to the levee to find it partially or fully blanketed in fog.  The lower the wind, the thicker the fog.  This morning was t Continue reading “What’s Comin’”

The Threat of Christmas Hangs in the Air

Where did I read that?  Somehow that phrase always comes to mind this time of year when the riding gets harder, routines become compromised, the weather goes from unpredictable to random, and my bank account starts bleeding profusely.  After a couple of nice rides Saturday and early Sunday morning, I had to descend into LAMBRA administration for the 11:00 annual business meeting. Right off the bat I realized that the catering had been incorrectly scheduled for Monday, so I quickly ordered so Continue reading “The Threat of Christmas Hangs in the Air”

Winter Gear

We’ve had some chilly mornings around here lately.  It always seems to take me an extra ten minutes to get out the door on days like those.  It’s so easy in the summer.  Shorts, jersey, socks.  When the temperature is in the 30s or even low 40s, the process becomes more complicated.  Long tights, knee-warmers and shorts, knickers, or shorts with cold knees?  Long-sleeve jersey or jacket?  Wind vest?  DeFeet gloves or regular gloves?  Toe-covers, full shoe covers, or both?  And don’t f Continue reading “Winter Gear”

Wind and Pain and another Year

Friday afternoon I left work a little early in order to make it over to Bayou Bicycles.  I don’t think I’d been there in three or four years, but Danielle had made an appointment for a bike fit with Robert Driskill who does the Specialized Body Geometry fittings.  She has been having persistent problems with upper back and shoulder pain on longer rides and figured an independent appraisal of her position might help and I had already tried the obvious stuff like raising the bars a bit and makin Continue reading “Wind and Pain and another Year”

That Hurt

Having survived the shorter morning ride on Wednesday without analgesics, I decided it was time to put them aside for a while and see how things went.  Thursday morning’s temperature was up around 60F with a moderate breeze and overcast skies.  I planned to do the long (42 mi.) morning ride, even though I was pretty sure the muscles in my upper back would not be too  happy about it. There was a nice group of a dozen or so up on the levee today and the pace heading out was reasonably smooth. Continue reading “That Hurt”